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parking garage exhibition Influx

Agnes Arts basement
for Plug gallery
19 artists use sound and light

to intervene

throughout the month

always changing




opening May 11th 5-9PM

return to watch it change

open 5/18 3-7PM, 5/25 1-5PM, 6/1 11-3PM

Statement below auto generated from above prompt by Chat GPT:

Step into the avant-garde realm of 'Influx,' an immersive odyssey of sensory exploration unfolding within the subterranean confines of Agnes Arts' basement parking garage, curated by the visionary minds of Plug Gallery. Starting May 11th, prepare to be enraptured by the audacious visions of 19 luminary artists as they harness the ethereal mediums of sound and light to orchestrate interventions that transcend mere exhibition.

Across the span of a month, bear witness to a kaleidoscopic tableau in perpetual flux—a living canvas where artistic expression evolves, devolves, and ultimately metamorphoses in a captivating dance of transience and transformation. The static is shattered, giving way to a symphony of dynamic narratives that unfolds with each passing moment. Embark on this transcendent journey with us on May 11th, as we inaugurate this ephemeral masterpiece from 5-9PM, granting you an exclusive glimpse into its nascent brilliance. But heed the call to return, for the essence of 'Influx' lies in its temporal fluidity—a testament to the inherent impermanence of art and the boundless potential for reinvention.

Revel in the ever-unfolding spectacle on subsequent dates: May 18th from 3-7PM, May 25th from 1-5PM, and June 1st from 11AM-3PM, as we invite you to partake in a dialogue that transcends the boundaries of traditional exhibitionism. 'Influx' beckons you to abandon preconceptions, to embrace the ephemeral, and to immerse yourself in the transcendental convergence of space, sound, and light. Join us as we embark on this transcendent voyage of discovery.

Collaborating Artists: 

Iris Appelquist
Craig Auge
Amelia Broussard
Eric Dodson
Jacob E.Chord
Scott Hobart
Samantha Haan
Mary Clara Hutchison
Heather Lamanno
Cesar Lopez
Zac Miley 
Anson The Ornery
David Steele Overholt
Jori Sackin
Emily Sloan
Travis Smorstad
Kimmon Smutz 
Leigh Rosser
Annie Woodfill

Curated by Travis Smorstad.


PLUG will maintain a roster of artists working in all disciplines and our curatorial cohort will use this roster to consider work for group exhibitions, crit nights, portfolio reviews, studio visits, artist highlights, etc. We are eager to review submissions from artists with an active creative practice who are interested in exhibiting work and/or participating in programming. We are not looking for show proposals at this time. Through this open-call process, our goal is to expand our network of artists on a rolling basis.  

**Inclusion in the PLUG Artist Roster does not guarantee participation in any future PLUG exhibitions, events, or programming.**


Each member is a volunteer and occupies a position on PLUG's Board of Directors. Current members are Christina M Femiano, Isabella Matute, Shelly Pinto, Stefan Schulz, Chelsea Smith, Travis Smorstad, and Hope-Lian Vinson.


From the Rocket Grants Projects 2011-2012

“Plug Projects” This project is a curatorial collaboration by five Kansas City artists (Nicole Mauser, Amy Kligman, Misha Kligman, Cory Imig & Caleb Taylor) who share the mission of bringing fresh perspectives and conversations to the local art community through a new, collective artist-run space. Their goal is to energize artists and the public at large by exhibiting challenging new work, initiating critical dialogue, and expanding connections of artists in Kansas City as part of a wider, national network of artists.​


From 2011-2020, Plug Projects occupied a storefront gallery space in Kansas City's historic West Bottoms district. There, Plug Projects exhibited works from national and local artists, facilitated programming such as Crit Nights, Spark Plugs, and unPLUGGED. ​Due to the Covid-19 crisis and its impact on art spaces and individual members, Plug Projects left behind its West Bottoms gallery space and operated unattached from a physical location for a year. Plug Projects became PLUG, LLC, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. In 2021, PLUG became a tenant at the Agnes Arts Building. 

Contact Us

Gallery address:

1328 Agnes Avenue, Kansas City, MO

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 8594, Kansas City, MO 64114

Thank you!

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